We think everybody should have great drum tones in their mixes, so we’re giving away this version of Matt Halpern’s signature library– 100% free! Recorded with meticulous attention by Adam “Nolly” Getgood, this library is built with exactly the same samples as the full version of GGD – just with a few less drums.

If you like what you hear, upgrade to the full version of the Matt Halpern Signature Library for even more sounds, control and options (and no more timeouts! The full version of GGD does NOT require Kontakt).

FULL version vs FREE version:


  • Does NOT require full version of Kontakt (works with the free Kontakt Player)
  • 2 kicks, 5 snares, 8 toms, 11 cymbals
  • Advanced user functions including cymbal matrix
  • Mapping import and export
  • Includes TCI version


  • 15 minute time limitation without full version of Kontakt 5.6
  • 1 kick, 1 snare, 2 toms, 4 cymbals
  • No cymbal matrix