Drums are one of the most intimidating elements for new mixers– and for good reason, because although we think of the drums as one instrument, they’re really 5, 10 or even more individual instruments played as one. They need to feel like a cohesive whole in the mix, and yet each piece of the kit needs to be heard. This is no easy task even for experienced mixers!

The good news is that you really only need two tools to get a great drum mix: EQ and compression. And while fancy, high-end plugins are always nice to have, the stock plugins that come with your DAW are more than capable of doing the job. Your ears and brain are the most important parts of the signal chain!

In this video our friend Adam Bentley walks you through a quick yet thorough tutorial on mixing GetGood Drums with EQ and compression approaches for each piece of the kit.

Thanks to Adam for the awesome tutorial, and happy mixing!